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Here you will find evidence that will be regularly updated from 1) the analyses conducted by the gEneSys team; 2) examinations by collaborating experts; and 3) results from webinar discussions with ‘sister’ initiatives.

Promoting inclusive knowledge production to enable a just energy transition: the gEneSys project R&I workforce survey

The gEneSys project survey recently concluded its R&I workforce survey.

The energy industry is currently undergoing a profound transformation where Research & Innovation (R&I) plays a critical role. The success of the current energy transition relies heavily on the skills and motivation of the sector’s employees working in knowledge production roles.

The EU gEneSys project invited people to pariticipate in a survey concerning the working environment in which energy knowledge producers operate. The survey built upon the recent study commissioned by CINEA, European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency, to help the European Commission improve the role of women in the energy transition.

The survey targetted researchers, technicians, experts, academics, practitioners engaged in scientific and technological knowledge production for the energy sector. The survey aimed to gauge employees’ overall job satisfaction and assess the organisational culture, work-related quality of life and collaboration dynamics.

The collected data will be used to create project reports and scientific publications, accessible to the public on the gEneSys project website. Moreover, the analysis of survey results will contribute to a policy brief supporting inclusive knowledge production for a just energy transition.

Survey results will be published in due course following a period of analysis.

Analyses by the gEneSys team

Examinations by the collaborating experts

Webinar discussions with ‘sister’ initiatives

gEneSys + the DG CINEA study on gender balance in energy transition R&I

This webinar shared new research findings on gender balance in energy sectors and gender relations in energy transition ecosystem. It engaged experts and practitioners in the consultation on the mechanisms for achieving outcomes in energy transition that contribute gender equality, justice, fairness, and sustainability benefits.

  • You can see the summary of the CINEA study here.

  • You can see the summary of the gEneSys aims here.

Forthcoming webinars

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